Seeing ourselves as ideas.


This blog was inspired by the ideas in a book: Diary of my life after death. I wrote the book, and while it would be easy to think of the ideas in it as mine, all I really did was to give a shape and context to ideas that already existed. Other people’s ideas.

In effect we’re all plagiarists, or perhaps ‘agents’ is a better word, for ideas that originate elsewhere; ideas that have evolved from earlier ideas and will go on evolving.

Ideas are an essential factor in our own evolution, because the one thing that makes them not only possible but fiendishly complex, is our consciousness. Our ideas make us what we are.  Our future hinges on how we use them; on which ideas we encourage and which we discard.

One idea we should certainly reconsider is that each of us is separate, unique and individual, because thanks to consciousness and ideas, that’s an illusion.

Like the ideas it borrows, processes and develops, consciousness is neither original nor unique to each of us. It’s not conjured up from scratch by molecules shaped into the brains of a few billion separate individuals.

Consciousness itself is what’s unique – as the medium of ideas; as an amorphous, immaterial phenomenon that we share and are joined by, even without knowing we’re sharing or joined. Consciousness is an ocean of ideas and their more fundamental component parts that we build into larger, more complex concepts.

The very nature of consciousness as a shared phenomenon is what allows us to mix and match ideas so fluidly, there might as well be no physical heads and brains separating us.

Because of this conscious facility for open sharing, we might say that ‘our’ own conscious selves aren’t separate, discrete entities, but are actually just areas of self-awareness in that ocean of ideas. And all that really separates us are the ideas we favor.

Maybe you’d care to share a few ideas about this?


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