About me.

This is me.

It’s not the real me of course; you can’t see the real me in a photograph. Same goes for all of us.

And that’s what this blogsite is all about.

In a word, reality.

I can’t claim to know everything about reality, but I do feel a compulsion to write down my thoughts on the subject.

The word ‘reality’ bothers me a bit though; I keep wanting to say ‘realness’ instead because that sounds more like something you can work with. Get to grips with.

Talking about the realness of things seems to make them more accessible, even when you get into the most complicated ideas.

Some of these posts are probably too long, but they’re not difficult to understand because I’ve tried to keep the words real too. So…if you want a change from trivia, bullshit and people trying to sell you stuff, why not take a look?

If everything in life had more realness, we’d all be better off.


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